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If you put 5% down on a home it will take almost 9 yrs (106 months) to pay down your loan balance so the PMI is no longer required. 3% down takes about 11 years before it is eliminated. 3% down is generally not an option with regular conventional loans.(Another good reason to consider the Zero PMI alternative!)

Since most people either move or refinance their loan in an average of 7 years, they never get the benefit of having the PMI removed and possibly pay hundreds more per month than is needed.

The "Extra Buying Power" is the approximate increase in loan amount you could get for the same monthly payment as a regular loan that requires mortgage insurance.

Not only can you purchase a home with Zero PMI, you can also refinance up to 97% of your home home's value to pay off an existing mortgage. So if your present home loan is FHA or has PMI, you might be able to reduce your payment.

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